Clinical complications of high cholesterol


This disease does not have noticeable symptoms. Hence after a certain age (normally 40), people should go for regular check-ups. Progress of the disease can give rise to some serious clinical complications. These are as follows–

  • Coronary heart disease : The deposition of excess cholesterol on the inner walls of the coronary artery of the heart can cause this disease.

  • Atherosclerosis : In this condition, the heart muscles become thick due to plaque formation.

  • Carotid artery disease : It occurs due to the formation of plaque inside carotid artery (supplies blood to brain). It may lead to brain stroke in future.

  • Peripheral artery disease : It occurs due to arterial blockage in the limbs.

  • Renal failure : Excess cholesterol cannot be excreted and exerts pressure on the walls of kidneys causing renal failure in future.

  • Muscular failure : Excess cholesterol might affect the skeletal muscles as well causing muscular dystrophy (muscle stiffening) in advanced stages.