Chronic stress of coronavirus is affecting mental health.Here's how exercise could help!

This pandemic is hugely stressful. In our collective self-identity, the abrupt halt to “life as usual” and the the idea that things may never be the same has forced a rapid evolution.

As a consequence, many people feel as if they have lost their place in this world.People recorded almost 50 percent chance of getting a stressful day under normal circumstances. This number is likely to be higher because stay-at-home orders are on men.

While everybody feels worse on stressful days, there is an increased risk of developing depression and anxiety in individuals with more severe mood swings between stressful and non-stressful days.

Research from our laboratory and others shows that about 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise three days a week can improve morale, minimize psychological distress, and decrease depression and anxiety symptoms compared to sedentary people.

A study at McMaster University’s NeuroFit Laboratory shows that exercise can reduce depression that is caused by stress. It’s enough to take a brisk 30-minute stroll three days a week.
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