Checking for Skin Cancer

Be Aware of how your skin normally looks so that you can detect any change. See your doctor straightway if you notice a new mole or a mole that is:

  • Itchy, painful, bleeding or crusty
  • Inflamed
  • Getting larger or changing shape, especially forming irregular shape.
  • Changing colour - becoming darker or patchy

You should also see your doctor if you spot a dark area under a nail that is getting bigger and is not caused by an injury. Skin cancers can also appear as:

  • A shiny pink or red lump that may bleed
  • A spot, sore or ulcer (an area of broken skin that begins to get deeper) that has not healed or continues to itch or hurt after four weeks.
  • A red or white patch where may be itchy everywhere on the skin

Ask someone you trust to check areas of your skin that can’t easily see, such as your back. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time in the sun. It is worth having any skin changes examined by your doctor.