Causes of Mental health disorders

Though the precise cause of these diseases is unknown, they may be triggered by a variety of physical, emotional, or environmental causes. Factors such as heredity, evolution, and psychological stress can also play a role. Experts also identified many significant causes of mental health disorders, which are described below-

  • Childhood abuse, trauma, or neglect

  • When you’re under a lot of pressure or have been under a lot of pressure for a long time

  • Continuous social isolation or loneliness

  • Being affected with a long-term medical illness

  • Being a victim of domestic violence, bullying, or other abuse as an adult

  • Situations such as social deprivation, poverty, or debt can lead to social isolation and loneliness

  • From experiencing discrimination and stigma in any form

  • Social pressure

  • Death of a loved one

  • Physical causes like a head injury or a neurological condition

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So these are the causes for mental health disorders, but how can we know that one is been suffering from a mental disorder?

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One’s symptoms may be specific or general, making them more difficult to understand. In certain situations, these warning signals are overlooked and dismissed as a natural part of growing up. It is important for parents to take care of the signs and seek medical advice if they suspect their child is suffering from an illness.
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