Causes of menopause


Menopause is a natural biological phenomenon caused by decreased ovulation. But it may be triggered by external factors as well. The generalized causes of menopause are listed below-

  • A sharp decline in estrogen level in the body causing reduced ovarian follicular activities.
  • Fluctuating levels of two important female hormones – Progesterone and Luteinizing hormones (a drop of progesterone level and the rise of LH level occurs after menopause).
  • General ovarian insufficiency may occur due to deficient production of reproductive hormones at an early age (observed in 1% women under 40 attaining menopause).
  • Prolonged exposure to radiation during Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy (for treatment of Cancer) can accelerate menopause.
  • Surgical removal of ovaries (oophorectomy) and uterus or other portions of the reproductive system (hysterectomy) can cause early menopause (induced menopause).