Can we get addicted to food?

Binge eating disorder also known as compulsive eating disorder. In this type of food addiction, individuals eat food at odd times and in a surplus amount. The craving for food is out of proportion to the normal hunger pangs that most of us feel at periodic intervals during the day. Obesity is the most common complication in these individuals.

Anorexia nervosa – Though this disorder is often classified as a food addiction disorder, the reverse is true as far as the clinical features are concerned. Individuals who suffer from this condition fear gaining weight. They not only limit the consumption of the food that they consume but also are obsessed with weight loss.

The ominous signs of Food addiction
The main feature of food addiction is eating a huge amount of food in one go, repeatedly, over a prolonged period as if there is no self-control. The associated symptoms involve-

  • Consuming food at a rapid pace.
  • Eating till you feel bloated and uncomfortable.
  • Gorging on food even when you are not hungry.
  • Eating alone.
  • Eating covertly.
  • Feeling depressed and ashamed after the bouts of binge eating.
  • Being preoccupied with the thought of food.
  • Repeatedly setting goals to lose weight and failing at attaining the desired results.
  • Unable to resist from bingeing despite appearance of physical ailments.

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