Can Water have influence over hairfall problems?

Hai. can the quality of water affect the health of hair?.

Hai. To answer you, Its also the most considered factor when it comes to causing hairfall.
Some areas have water contaminated with high Sodium Fluoride concentrations.

Sodium fluoride in the scalp can cause dryness and inflammation, speeding up the hair miniaturization process so it is best to avoid these nasty chemicals whenever possible.Calcium carbonate or lime in hard water can cause hair loss and form a thin topical lime layer that can prevent the proper absorption of nutrients into follicles.

Chlorine is often applied to the drinking water or bath water to clean water by reducing bacteria and destroying germs.

Chlorine is as hair-threatening as fluorine, and can cause rough, fragile hair.While the effect may be slight, but prolonged exposure or ingestion of water that contains chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, metals, and lime may result in baldness.

If you’re living in a bad water quality place you can feel the impact over some time.Because of this, hair loss is temporary,and can be reversed by changing positions.

But occasionally, they can get permanent.You need to soften the rough water, as a general remedy.

In these situations you should go to squeeze a half-cut lemon per bucket of water 5 minutes before bathing ,this will soften the hardened magnesium and calcium salts in it and will react and form harmless compounds that won’t hurt your scalp.