Can the red spots on my shoulder be cured with any medications?

Hai. I am so annoyed by the presence of red spots on my shoulders which looks patchy. My mother has even been spotted with this. Is this genetic? How could it be cured?

Hai this is Mohan. Your red spots are not the usual acne. Since your mother has this issue, it seems genetic. Theres nothing to panic about!.

Your skin’s condition is Keratosis Pilaris.

Keratosis pilaris is a normal, benign skin disorder that affects teens and adults alike. Keratosis pilaris causes multiple thin, raw, tan or red bumps on the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and cheeks around hair follicles.A thin, coiled hair often gets stuck under the raw bump. Patients can complain that the skin has a rough texture and an unusual cosmetic appearance. The cheeks can appear purple, red, flushed, and with very small (pinpoint) bumps studded.

Keratosis pilaris may therefore start at any age. Keratosis pilaris appears to have a genetic component to it. It is usually seen in twins. For patients with atopic dermatitis and patients with very dry skin and with a number of fairly severe dermatological syndromes, keratosis pilaris occurs too.

It is unclear what exactly causes keratosis pilaris. Overproduction of the keratin part of the skin which produces hyperkeratinization seems to be a problem.

A majority of keratosis pilaris patients have a recognized genetic predisposition and even the members of the family affected.

‘There are several treatment methods and skincare techniques for managing keratosis.Often the temporary change is really strong following a daily skincare lubrication regimen.Since there is no cure available for keratosis pilaris, or uniformly successful treatment, the list of possible lotions and creams is long.It is necessary to note that no treatment is consistently successful in all people as with any disease.In certain cases, without any therapy, keratosis pilaris can also improve or clear out spontaneously.

Yes its curable in homoeopathy treatment .the major reason for skin disease is due some internal mental stress it is a major cause for skin trouble and some other reason also there.some genetic cause etc…this spots is curable in homoeopathy treatment…
Consult homoeopathy doctor.