Can patients with no symptoms be tested positive for covid 19?

Hai. I just need to know whether people with no symptoms can be tested positive for corona?

There are also many cases where there are no signs a patient may refer to, and COVID-19 tests positive.

Many other findings have returned to hospital personnel in exploratory studies, such as what was performed in the Netherlands.

The problem arises whether these cases should also, be marked as diseases or just exposure.Asymptomatic cases were stated to be a major factor in COVID-19 propagation.

Whether the length of this asymptomatic disease can be measured in days or weeks, which correlates to the symptomatic disease, a strong determination is required.

Many cases of COVID-19 disease, display only very mild signs.The fact that not much is understood about how an individual immune system can respond to the presence of a

Many times the reaction of the immune systems to disease is worse than anything that the disease might do on its own.

There will certainly be some symptoms, but they might not be serious enough to be readily checked or recognized as common symptoms of coronavirus.

When one had the virus with mild symptoms, however, they would also be extremely infectious to those who could be at much greater risk.

When there is some sign of an upper respiratory infection, then it is wise,When there are constitutional signs such as fever chills, constant cough, and worsening signs, presume that you are infected with something and stop exposing others and preferably call your doctor or get screened for coronavirus when testing is available.It has been said that there are no symptoms at all for 30 percent of children.

Through denying them, the authorities hide these evidence-the the same percentage of adults shows no signs either.Another fact which is ignored is that COVID-19 has six strains.