Can my eye power get altered if i use specs after a long time?

Hai. Do i get my eye power altered if i use specs after a long time?

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When the blur is severe and you do not use any correction, the eyes will become used to blur.In the other hand, if you wear too heavy glasses then your eyes won’t have to do much work and your vision may remain the same and might even get worse.Ideally what you want to do is get glasses that will put the correction to a point

Too fuzzy and just give up on your eyes.If you’re not wearing your glasses then you’ll be in Unrest to see.You’re not going to get eye pressure from you wearing your glass but the power won’t increase.

If a person has hypermetropia (PLUS power on the glasses), but not in Myopia (MINUS power on the glasses), Ciliary muscles function excessively without glass.

This is what you call accommodation.When the ciliary muscles are tired the vision becomes blurred but the strength does not increase physically.

If the power has to increase, even though you wear glasses with the proper power, it would do so.That said, it’s advisable not to wear your glasses at all.If it isn’t a natural vision so you don’t wear glasses, it means you’re placing more tension on your eyes because you’re trying to compress your eyes or aggressively widen them to look at the target without any distortion.

You may also get regular headaches and irritations due to poor vision.Wearing glasses is always safer, if yours is not a natural vision