Can live liver be transplanted from a living person?

Hai. How is live liver transplantation is done from a living person?

A liver transplant is a medical technique for removing a diseased liver and replacing it with a donor’s healthy liver. Most operations involving liver transplants use livers from deceased donors.

In some cases a living donor can donate a portion of a liver.A liver transplant is an option for people with end-stage liver disease who can not be managed using other therapies, or for certain individuals with different forms of liver cancer.

Hepatic insufficiency can be classified as acute liver failure and chronic liver failure.A small number of hepatic transplants are performed each year using a part of a living donor 's healthy liver. Living donation is possible since only the liver will repair itself.

A person may donate a portion of his or her liver to a child or another person.Living-donor liver donation provides an alternative to waiting for the liver to become accessible to a deceased-donor.

It also helps the recipient to prevent possible health problems associated with waiting for transplantation by getting a living liver donor.Matching living-donor livers with recipients is dependent on age, type of blood, organ size, and other factors.

Most living liver donors are immediate family members or associates of the applicants for a liver transplant.The remaining liver of the donor is regenerating itself and returning to its normal volume and capacity within a few months after the procedure. Meanwhile, the transplanted portion of the liver grows in the recipient and restores normal liver function.