Can Dryers harm our hair?

Hey hai. Can hai dryers cause any harm to our hair if used for a long time?

Hairdryers are a formidable technology! They help us get our hair dry, clear, voluminous, and styled. But misusing them can be harmful to our hair; and in serious cases, they can cause hair breakage and subsequent hair loss.

You shouldn’t think if you are using a hairdryer the right way. In all sincerity. Here are some of the mistakes you might make, and how to fix them.The marketable hairdryers available today are relatively safe to use on one’s hair.

Any mechanical hair manipulation, however, poses a risk of hair injury. A few basic tips can help reduce the risk of harming your hair by using a hairdryer.

You should rotate the unit constantly when drying your hair with a handheld hairdryer, so that the temperature does not build up in any spot.

Hair fibers are irreversibly harmed by temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wet hair is more delicate than dry hair so use the dryer to control the hair gently.Do not dry your hair entirely with the dryer, but let the last bit of moisture dry out naturally. This minimizes the risk of harming your hair by drying it over.

Yes , hair dryers are harmful to our hair.they cause breakage and subsequent hair loss and due over heat ,may have a chance of getting some scalp itching,boils, skin infection.better avoid hair dryers and do some natural method dry the hair in natural sun light…its good for ur health and u get dandruff free hair…