Can Depression cause weight loss?

Hai. I am 24. I noticed sudden weight loss in my body. I have been through depressed state because of my father’s demise previous month. Could depression or stress caused weight loss for me?

Hai Afzar. Hope you are doing good now.

Depression is a psychological disorder that induces disturbances of stress, irritability, panic, diet and sleep, poor attention, confusion, hopelessness and feelings of worthlessness.Depression may have far-reaching effects on body weight.

A decrease of dopamine and serotonin levels are both significant weight loss factors.Therefore, when suffering from depression it is necessary to take care of one’s physique too.

Depression will adversely affect your eating behavior, if you are already an emotional eater.Yet, in itself, depression does not cause weight loss.

Loss of weight is either due to lack of appetite, eating disorder or an immune deficiency.

Significant depression or sadness has often been associated with loss of appetite and weight loss for over two thousand years.The first and foremost explanation is just dietary disruption, as a lack of proper nutrition and a lack of a healthy diet may impact the overall health.

Sleep disruption can be considered as the second cause for weight loss because sleep plays an important role in our brain’s proper functioning and deprivation of our sleep can lead to dramatic weight loss.

The third reason for depression may be that overthinking contributes to a lack of energy and exhaustion.
Please consult a doctor if you feel uncomfortable with your mental health.