Can consuming turmeric or garlic get rid of corona virus?

Hai. I do see many articles posting the need to have turmeric and garlic can get rid of corona virus from the body. Is that true?

A major ‘no’ is the answer to your question.There is no drug, or natural product that can ‘cure’ coronavirus.There is no vaccine available for it, as well.

The argument, however, is that there are other natural compounds, such as Curcumin (the spice’s most active ingredient-turmeric) that can greatly increase your immunity.Some studies indicate that curcumin’s antiviral

properties can help prevent viral copying and replication, the most dangerous coronavirus consequence.

Some studies have also shown that curcumin can potentially have inhibitory effects against other viral infections.To put the point in perspective, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce inflammation

in the upper and lower respiratory tract, including the lungs, caused by certain viral infections.Garlic prevents the cancer cells by preventing the development of cancer-causing substances and stopping their activation.

Garlic is a good antibacterial agent and DNA repair has been shown to intensify, destroy cancer cells, and induce apoptosis.There is no evidence from the current outbreak that garlic consumption has saved people from the latest coronavirus.Most scientific observations over a period of time are commonly known as myths.

On average, if not fortnightly, each month, you can find these articles disputing what was previously known as gospel truth and marking them as myths.