Can cervical pillow or orthopedic pillow do exactly the same as their manufacturer claim (Benefits)

I have been facing back and neck problems for a very long time. The problem is that I can’t sleep in a proper posture. Can anyone give some suggestions? Open for any medicines, therapy, or product available in the market.

Hai Mohit!

There are many different options to treat your neck pain, and one of these is the use of specialized pillows.

If your doctor or therapist suggests you use a specialized pillow, ask if there is the opportunity to try out some different types for several weeks. Note that you must encase the pillow in a plastic pillowcase, similar to those used in hospitals. As you try the different specialized pillows, monitor whether your morning pain decreases, or if your neck function improves or if the quality of your sleep improves. If these benefits occur, only then consider switching from your usual pillow.