Can Cancer patients donate blood?

Hai. I have a doubt that whether cancer survived patients can donate blood for htose who is in need?

Cancer survivors may be able to donate blood at times when they are out of therapy for more than a year. Yet there are situations, such as with leukemias and lymphomas and more, where donating is not considered safe for those who would receive the blood at any time after treatment.

Also long after cancer treatment has been completed, cancer fatigue is true, and many cancer survivors remember that they continue to feel exhausted for many years after treatment has been complete. After so long being in the “receiving” mode, many people want to “give back” even while still coping with these late treatment effects.

The risk of blood transfusion transmitting cancer is primarily theoretical; no reports have been made of people getting cancer from a blood transfusion. But the fact that cancer has been transmitted through organ transplants in rare cases has resulted in guidelines restricting adults who have had cancers associated with the blood.

Even if cancer cells were present in donated blood, the cells would be destroyed by the person’s immune system getting the blood. One possible exception could be transfusion recipients with weakened immune systems, who may not be able to fight off the cancer cells.

Because of this slight possibility, people whose cancer is thought to grow or spread are not permitted to donate blood for themselves.