Benefits of Aspartame

  • Healthy Blood Glucose Levels: It does not increase levels of blood glucose, and this is by far a significant feather in the cap for this artificial sweetener

  • Lingering Good Taste: Additionally, it does not alter the taste of the food/ beverage/ drink. The overriding benefit is long-lasting sweetness. This distinctive quality has increased the bandwidth of this sweetener and it is also being employed in combination with other artificial sweeteners such as Acesulfame Potassium to arrive at tastes very close to the use of sugar.

  • Low Calorific Value: The caloric contribution by this artificial sweetener is next to nothing, making it the sugar substitute of choice.

  • Nil Carbohydrate: This sweetener does not contain carbohydrate and is the single most reason why it does not adversely affect the levels of blood glucose.