Are pregnant women more at risk Covid - 19, Can it be pass to the fetus?

I am Pregnant and I am afraid that What effect will coronavirus have on my baby if I test positive for COVID -19. Can pregnant women pass COVID-19 to their fetuses during pregnancy?

Given that this is a novel virus, little is known about its impact on pregnant women. At this time:

  • An investigation of nine pregnant ladies who were infected with COVID-19 shown that none of their children was been affected by the infection. The virus was absent in amniotic liquid, infants’s throats, or in breast milk.
  • Another investigation of 38 ladies infected with COVID-19 found that none of the babies tested positive for the illness.
  • Another case report investigating 33 pregnant ladies contaminated with SARS-CoV-2 found that three of their babies were likewise infected with the infection and had clinical indications of disease and been cofirmed with Covid - 19 positive.

It is unclear whether these newborns were infected while in the womb or if these infections were acquired after birth, as the newborns were tested when they were a few days old. The danger of passing the disease to a fetus appears to be extremely low. At present there is no proof of any fetal abnormalities or impacts because of maternal infection with COVID-19.

If a woman has a high infection with a high fever during the first trimester, it’s most secure to use acetaminophen to bring down temperature to avoid risk to the developing fetus.
To reduce the risk of this transmission, mothers who are infected themselves or with symptoms that suggest infection will need to pay close attention to hand hygiene and wearing a mask when caring for their infants.