Are Cloth masks effective against the spread of corona?

Hai. how safe and effective is the usage of cloth masks for the spread of corona?

Hai. To an extent yes,
Face masks made of fabric would be of great aid in removing COVID-19 virus airborne infections. Through coughing, sneezing, or speaking, they will stop the droplets from going out into the air, thereby preventing airborne infections. Such face masks are to be made of three layers of cotton fabric, and to tie them with cotton ribbons.

The reason its cotton is cotton that withstands high temperatures, even when it’s boiled.If you say, would keep you from being infected if you wear it, and will be around infected people who shed the virus and/or coughing; then no.

When you are infected and coughing, it will keep the virus-laden droplets from getting too far away. Which means when you cough you can reduce the risk of infecting other people.

It’s much more difficult to prevent yourself from being infected with an airborne infection. The droplets that move a few meters before falling to the ground, if first in the air. If there is something almost all indoor rooms have in a room with dust particles floating in the air, then these droplets can fall on some of these dust particles.

To completely defend against the drops of aerosols and polluted dust particles, specialized masks screening for dust

particles must be used, the masks must fit all over the face and be used only once and then disposed of.Such special masks should be provided to health workers working with COVID-19 diseased patients or working with COVID-19 studies. Professionals even know how to correctly put such masks on.