2 most effective yoga poses to increase height

  1. Tadasana

The exercise involves stretching all the body muscles from head to toe. This elongation generates posture pressure in all body parts which facilitates the production of the growth hormone.

  • Stand erect on the floor with your legs, waist and neck aligned in a straight line. Keep both the feet together, hands on the sides and palm facing the thighs.
  • While inhaling, raise both of your arms together in the upward direction, parallel to each other.
  • Slowly lift your heels and stand on your toes. Stretch your body upward as far as possible. Keep your legs and arms straight.
  1. Vriksh Asana

The tree pose works wonders in increasing height. When the leg is folded and placed over the other thigh, the entire weight is borne by the second leg. This helps in strengthening your muscles. Further, when the neck is flexed upwards, the pituitary gland (responsible for producing the growth hormone) gets activated.

  • Stand with feet together on the floor. Keep hands at the side and breathe normally.
  • Stand up firmly on the left leg and fold the right leg at your knees. Bring the sole of the right foot on the inner thighs.
  • Balance on the left foot and raise both arms over the head, elbows unbent and join your palms together.
  • Hold this posture with the entire body stretched for a few seconds while breathing gently. Repeat the procedure with the opposite leg.

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